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Selling Process

Selling your property in Costa del Sol is a very specialized activity which demands a deep knowledge about the Real Estate market and the various selling techniques and marketing technologies.

Escanda Properties will follow its marketing and selling process to sell your property at the shortest possible time.

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Important issues to consider when selling your property in Marbella or Costa del Sol:

Your property price should be set according to market prices and not according to your needs or desires. Your Agent is dealing with Real Estate on a daily basis and will certainly be of great help with this matter.

A realistic price will be attractive to potential buyers, generate viewings to your property and encourage your Agent to promote it heavily. As a result of it you will actually reach your objective, selling your property.

Your agent is your partner

Selling a property is not easy and it is time consuming. This is why you decide to get an Agency to help you out. It is important to understand that the more trustful the relation is, the more motivated your Agent will be regarding your property sale, which finally does benefit you.

In Escanda Properties we believe that developing a trustful relationship with the seller is vital.


What does exclusivity mean?

It basically means that when you decide to work exclusively with an Agency, they will commit more resources into selling your property because they know there will be a return on investment and this helps creating a stronger responsibility to present the best results to you.

From the operational aspects, you will only need to deal with one agency and probably a unique person who will certainly look after your property keys and will keep a control on which people is visiting it.

Ensuring a unique price in the market is of vital importance for buyers, otherwise they will get a not reliable impression of the property. If the property price is to be modified, then it will be much easier for you to contact one agent than many and therefore your price will be clear on the market.

Client registration and tracking

Beware that whenever an agent is viewing your property with a client, you should get a "Client Registration" from your agent. It is important that you keep record of client names associated to the agency that is bringing the client.

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Escanda Properties collaborates with various lawyers in Marbella and Costa del Sol and can recommend you the one which best suits your needs: language, location, budget, etc.

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